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Health4TheWorld welcomes Dr. Nitish Badhwar who gives a broad introduction to electrocardiogram reading. Dr. Badhwar begins the lecture by giving an in-depth explanation of the different components of the electrocardiogram. Then he goes into common problems associated with the setup of the ECG and what you would expect to see with lead malposition or lead reversals. Next, Dr. Badhwar explains P wave abnormalities and other pathologies commonly found on ECG. He also explains the common pathophysiology associated with arrhythmias. Please join us for this introduction to electrocardiograms.

Note: If you want to get a certificate, Please login and complete the pre-test quiz before watching the lecture and complete the post-test quiz after watching the lecture.

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How to read and ECG - Pre Test
How to read an ECG – Pre-Test Unlimited
How to read an ECG - Post Test
How to read an ECG – Post-Test Unlimited

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    A simple yet crucial technique needed in every doctor. A good refresher course

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