Team Members

Amelia D’Angelo
Amelia D’Angelo is a Master of Global Health graduate from McMaster University in Canada, with and undergraduate degree in Environmental Science from McGill University. She is passionate about access to health care in rural and northern Canada and the Arctic, and believes that this part of the world can benefit from the innovative solutions found in the developing world. Amelia loves hiking, scuba diving, rock climbing, knitting and travelling, and has worked in Canada, France, Norway and Madagascar.

Bruno Salvalaio
Bruno is a Computer Science undergrad student working as a Software Engineer that loves Machine Learning and wants to unravel it’s true potential in solving today’s society problems. He loves traveling, hiking and movies.
Carson Lutterloh
Carson Lutterloh is an undergraduate student in computer science at the University of Texas at Dallas. With a rich background in volunteer service, he enjoys supplementing his studies by working for great causes, including H4TW and the Civil Air Patrol. Carson is passionate about web and software development, constantly learning new ways to accomplish tasks, and he is excited to use these skills in cooperation with H4TW. In his spare time, he enjoys singing, cooking, and trail running.
Christine Smith
Christine trained as a physician at Cambridge University in England. Her residency and fellowship were at Stanford University, and she worked in the Department of Psychiatry at Stanford for many years. Now retired from medicine, she teaches outreach science classes in low-income elementary schools.
Cristina Dan
Cristina is a recent MPH graduate with a keen interest for non communicable diseases, risk factors and innovative methods to increase prevention.
She is dedicated to helping people affected by health disparities, get access to information and proper care.
Proud to be a part of H4TW, a diverse team of incredible and resourceful professionals and join in their efforts to expand stroke awareness, in areas where adequate resources are scarce.
Danielle Nguyen
Danielle received her undergraduate degree from UCLA in International Development. Her passion in global health stemmed from her various international travels to countries including Vietnam, Cambodia, and Brazil where she saw great inequalities in healthcare practices and access within these developing countries. She believes that through knowledge, education, and cultural understanding, we will be able to reach a world of sustainable health equality for all. When not pondering about the issues of global sustainable health, she enjoys dabbling in keeping up with the changes in the cultural art world of fashion, beauty, and music as well as filming, editing, and creating content for her YouTube and Blog.
Elvire Thouvenot
Elvire Thouvenot is a Canadian biomedical illustrator currently based in Switzerland. A strong believer in the potential of visuals to facilitate learning and communication across languages and cultures, she is very excited to be getting involved in medical education with H4TW.

Francis Wright

I am very excited to be starting my first year of medical school in August! I graduated from California State University, Chico with a degree in Cell and Molecular Biology. Since then, I have worked as a medical scribe, research assistant, and a volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary near Chico. I also have a background as a Red Cross Safety Instructor, teaching lifeguarding, CPR, and First Aid classes.

Harshada Mahulkar
Harshada would like to gain knowledge, work experience in various aspects of software and achieve professional growth along with organization, while being resourceful, innovative and flexible. She has a MS in Computer Engineering.
Isabel De los Rios
Isabel De los Rios is a part of our social media team and works on graphic design. She is a Public Health student at UC Berkeley and has aspirations to attend medical school next year. She is passionate about H4TW because of “our emphasis on making healthcare and health awareness accessible and understandable for people around the world”.
Isaiah Brown
Isaiah Brown is a medical student at UCSF. He was one of the first few members and joined H4TW because he was passionate to improving health worldwide. Isaiah leads virtual education and has already presented the work at national and international meetings.
Jack McGill
Jack is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker and content creator.

Joe Baal

I am 4th year UCSF medical student with an interest in research and global health outreach in radiology. Grew up in Philippines. Loves to play basketball.

Jonathan Pai

I am a Medical student at UCSF. I graduated with a degree in Cell and Molecular Biology. I am interested in Palliative medicine

Kajal Patil
Kajal moved to United States from India in February 2017. In her home country she worked as a marketing professional for about 7+ years in the pharmaceutical Industry. Alongside, she volunteered as an assistant yoga teacher for 2 years before moving to the US. She is a management post graduate and has done her bachelors in Microbiology. She is involved in Strategic Partnership and HR with Health4TheWorld. She enjoys working here and says it’s great to have such meaningful experiences in life.

Kiende (Caroline) Kinoti

I am a resident in radiology. I am based in Kenya.

Kirema Garcia-Reyes, MD
Kirema Garcia-Reyes is a radiology resident at UCSF. She is fluent in Spanish and has been leading our Ecuador Education Project and manages social media with Deepti. Kirema is originally from Puerto Rico and loves traveling.
Luis Alberto Domitrovic
Luis is a neurosurgeon and radiologist.  He is also a talented medical illustrator.
Mahrin Rahman
Mahrin Rahman is a medical student at the Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine at New Mexico State University. She has dual masters in public health and epidemiology and her previous research has focused on using data to encourage obesity prevention. Her interest in global health and neurology stemmed from working in the pharmaceutical industry analyzing data in search of an efficacious Alzheimer’s drug. Current hobbies include fitness, travel and trying to stay sane while surviving medical school.
Maitri Mehta
Maitri is a Software Engineer with most effective development strategy and optimization since 2011 with a solid educational foundation – two Masters in Computer Science from Symbiosis International University, India and Northwestern Polytechnic University, CA. She is highly skilled and passionate about Apple iOS application development in different domains and upcoming new technologies. She has a deep interest in developing mobile applications, REST APIs using Java Spring, Big Data concepts for distributed database. She loves traveling, hiking, cooking and watching movies.
Mohit Galvankar
Mohit is an aspiring data scientist with a software engineering background.  He graduated with a MS in Data Science from Indiana University in May 2017.
Neal Kutty
Neil is passionate about using data science and machine learning to positively impact the lives of others. As part of the machine learning team at H4TW, he is working on game elements and user interactivity for our mobile app. He earned his MA in Economics and BA in Philosophy from Vanderbilt University, studied Machine Learning at George Washington University, and has experience working in analytics at small startups as well as large tech firms. Currently he is an analytics consultant in the Washington DC area. For fun Neil likes to play golf & guitar.
Premnath Ramanathan
Premnath loves building apps that matter, and enjoys watching and playing soccer.
Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka is the Treasurer at H4TW. She is a senior director of finance at Naspers Ventures in SF. She has deep finance experience and a passion for technology. Priyanka loves traveling and her personal goal is to travel to 40 countries by age 50.
Rachel Grau
Rachel Grau is a software engineer and trained at Stanford University. She leads design and development of our mobile apps. Rachel lives in Beunos Aires, Argentina. She loves helping patients and finding solutions in health with technology. She loves traveling, dancing, painting and meeting people around the world.

Sagar Wagle

I am a fourth year medical student at UCSF and am applying into radiology now.

Sandra Jeanine Ortellado

Sandra is doing a Bachelors in Science at Stanford University. She has studied news reporting fundamentals and works in our PR and communication efforts. She is also a five time member of USA synchronized swimming national team.

Sohil Patel, MD

Dr. Patel is an assistant professor in Neuroradiology at the University of Virginia.  He did fellowship in Neuroradiology at Massachusetts General Hospital.  He graduated from University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in 2007 and has been in practice for 8+ years.

Varun Raj
Varun is a final year Mechanical Engineer Undergraduate from Lucknow, India inclined towards technology. He is an Android Developer at Health 4 The World. He loves to explore new things and wants to be an Innovator. He is into coding and spends his spare time playing games and trying new food items.
Venkatakrishnan Mandaram Parthasarathy
Venkatakrishnan is an MIS Graduate from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is a data enthusiast and passionate about big data and working with large data sets. He is currently working on developing an e-learning website for H4TW. He is very much excited about working for H4TW and contributing for a good cause. He likes listening to music, hitting the gym and socializing.

Vijendra Rana

Vijendra recently graduated with Masters in CS from the University of South Carolina.  Previously he was an instructor for programming and web development at Duke TIP and he has also worked with Accenture as a SAP SD Tester.

Vyom Chhabra

Vyom is a recent Master’s Graduate from SUNY Buffalo. He likes sketching, literature, web novels, anime and coding. He is a jack of all trades in computer tech. Right now he is searching for his first job.

Wilson Muraki

Wilson is Brazilian, and moved to the US a few months ago. He has a bachelor’s degree in International Relations (University of Brasília, Brazil) and a Master’s in Public Policy (University of Tokyo). He has worked as a Political Advisor, Project Manager, Translator and Radio Announcer in both Brazil and Japan. His main reason to join H4TW is its mission to improve healthcare in developing nations. “Coming from a developing country myself, I am aware that challenges such as corruption, low-quality education, lack of resources and know-how, severely affect the access to healthcare and its quality in poor communities. I do believe that H4TW can make a great difference in people’s lives, especially of those who have been forgotten by their governments”.


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