What Role Do Our Chapters Play in H4TW?

Our Chapters play an important and integral role in our H4TW community. Below are just a few of many ways in which our Chapters can get involved, help us fulfill our mission of bringing health education to every corner of the world.

Global Education To Help Physicians in Low Resource Areas in 110 countries


Attending physicians are encouraged to sign up to present a lecture on a radiology or medicine topic of interest at our live, virtual weekly Grand Rounds. These Grand Rounds are attended by our international chapters, and they provide a wonderful opportunity to impact and connect with colleagues from all over the world. These lectures are then posted on our H4TW Academy (, YouTube channel (, so that they can be watched at a later date.

Please check the curriculum and choose uncovered topics

Please click here to register to give a talk: Speaker Registration Form:

Residents and fellows:

Additionally, residents and medical students can also contribute to our H4TW Academy curriculum. On our YouTube page, there is a designated “Resident’s Corner” where residents – and medical students, under the guidance of their residents – can submit lectures that are then posted on our YouTube page and shared with our international Chapters via WhatsApp and Twitter.

We are also focusing on promoting collaboration between many of our linguistically diverse Chapters, so that we can create more educational opportunities and content for our multilingual Chapters!

Speaker Registration Form:

Moderating Grand Rounds: Residents and attendings can sign up to moderate our weekly Grand Rounds. This provides Chapter members with a unique opportunity to network with colleagues from various institutions across the world, and to facilitate answering any questions that might arise during the presentation.


H4TW offers many opportunities for mentorship for international mentees. With the help and support of H4TW leadership, US Chapters can assist their international colleagues with residency curriculum development, provide insight regarding redacted radiology cases, and offer “1-on-1” career mentorship. Attending physicians, residents, and medical student members are all encouraged to sign up to be a mentor, and opportunities exist for members at all levels of training.

COVID 19: 

You are welcome to participate in any of the following COVID 19 projects.

  • PPE donations: In areas of need. We are committed to helping our Chapters, are working to keep them safe during this uncertain time.
  • Lecture Series: With the assistance of our Chapters, we designed a COVID-19 lecture series, which is available on our H4TW Academy YouTube Channel, detailing how Chapters and institutions can provide safe and effective patient care during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Vaccine Rollout: You can start and lead a campaign to enlist volunteers to help with vaccine rollout in your state. Please let us know if you are interested. We have also launched a social media campaign dedicated to providing information regarding the COVID-19 vaccine and dispelling any misinformation.

And More….

We are actively seeking input from our Chapters regarding new projects and ideas! Through WhatsApp and Twitter channels, we maintain an open line of communication with our Chapters so that we can work together to help fulfill H4TW’s mission of making health education and quality care more accessible to physicians worldwide. We would love to have you join us, would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding starting a Chapter at your home institution!

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